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Today’s post comes after reading a guest post on the Adventurous Kate blog When a Travel Blogger is Stuck at Home This post is not directly related to my current feelings, but I found it very interesting nonetheless.  I am … Continue reading

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Buddha, Revisited

If you haven’t been able to tell, I’ve been having a hell of a time trying to find things to post and write about.  Earlier on, I was scanning through the large number of photos that I haven’t yet used … Continue reading

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Facebook China?

Mark Zuckerberg has made his Facebook a home for social circles around the world, and yet finds himself with one last market to conquer; Will a Facebook China ever see the light of day? Continue reading

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Chinese University Acceptance Letter

I’ve been accepted to a few different universities in China on several different occasions, and have a stack of old acceptance letters sitting around.  For various reasons, these planned trips simply didn’t pan out.  On some occasions, I applied for … Continue reading

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The iPhone Experiment: Creating a Global Phone

So you want to travel the world, eh? How can I bounce around, stay in touch and avoid being bound to a dreadful phone contract? The answer lies in an unlocked, quad band iPhone. Continue reading

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Chinatown Mega Tour: New York City

A trip to New York City’s famed Chinatown. As the largest and oldest Chinatown around, this is a must visit location if you are ever in the big city. Old streets, battle sites, fruit and fish markets abound. Continue reading

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Literature Review: Deborah Fallows’ ‘Dreaming in Chinese’

A review of Deborah Fallows ‘Dreaming in Chinese’. Although it is more academic in nature, language students have much to gain from reading this short work. Continue reading

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Dreaming in Chinese

I’ve got just a moment to post this, but by tomorrow or the day after I should have a review done out of Deborah Fallows book ‘Dreaming in Chinese’, a small work on her process toward gaining and understanding of … Continue reading

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Literature Review: Mr. China

A review of Tim Clissold’s less well known ‘Mr. China’, a part memoir, part retelling and analysis of his first decade of business in China, starting in the early 90s. Continue reading

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CUCAS: Large Cost, Reasonable Results

A long while back I went on a bit of a rant over the China University and College Admission System (CUCAS), as I felt that I had been mislead by their representation of the service that they offered. I have … Continue reading

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