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The Textbook

A new semester brings about the need to buy a new textbook. Buying a used version, I find that it contains the thoughts and bizarre notes forgotten by the previous owner. Continue reading

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Campers from China!

At the height of summer camp in the United States, I can only wonder, do Chinese send their Children to any such organization? Continue reading

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To get to China, this is my goal. To find a way, this is my frustration. Continue reading

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The Night Market

A trip to Beijing’s famous Wangfujing night market bring many new culinary experiences. Scorpion, Cricket and a rainbow of colors are all on the menu. Continue reading

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The Big Switch

As China has officially passed the United States as the worlds largest energy consumer, I can only salute the American consumer and the role that we have played in this big switch. Continue reading

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A Web of Voices

The internet in China; More restriction, more talk and nothing has changed. Continue reading

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For those interested in improving their language and study skills, this is perhaps that greatest Ipod/Iphone app you can lay your hands on. Better still, its free! Continue reading

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The Sport of Photography

I have no doubt that Chinese both young and old enjoy taking pictures. Whether they enjoy the act of taking the picture or the product itself is a bit more difficult to decide. Continue reading

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The Ceremony

I have been told on many occasions about the love that Chinese have for ceremonies and grand occasions. Our arrival would allow me to witness this firsthand and in large measure. Dancing, Culture shock and lots of anxiety. Continue reading

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The Giant Buddha

Our trip to the legendary Leshan Giant Buddha, famed as the largest sitting Buddha Carving in the world. Continue reading

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