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I dream of characters

I try to write the simple characters, Qing wen, two that I have known from my earliest studies.  They are not hard to write, not hard to remember, yet every time I try to put them down on paper I … Continue reading

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Barnes and Noble

In my quest for Peter Hessler’s newest book, ‘Country Driving’, I find myself in Barnes and Noble. With such huge numbers of published books, I can’t help but wonder how any author is able to get their first work noticed. Continue reading

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The Best and the Worst, Part 2

Alright, I’ll say right off that this one is just about the best.  I wasn’t on my reading A game this week and didn’t get through enough material to find anything that I truly disliked.  Nothing wrong with that!  Here, … Continue reading

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The City Revisited

If you search for Leshan on Google you will find much about a Buddha and little else. After a week in the city, I would like to add to this little information. Food, lights, and strange rumors of foreigners who wish to remain undiscovered (no, not expats). Continue reading

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Having been swept away from the other members of my group, I eat my first meal with my host family, or rather, I had them watch me eat. We take a tour of Leshan Teachers College and meet many eager students, as well as getting photos taken. Continue reading

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The Road South

The ride to the city of Leshan remains in my mind as a great part of our trip. Major car accidents, fear home-stays and an interesting trip to a rural gas station. The rise of the long awaited culture shock. Continue reading

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Time Away

It seems like ages ago that I posted anything on here, and though I don’t have anything ready for tonight, I wanted to let anyone reading know that there is more to come.  It was a long week of unexpected … Continue reading

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The Best and the Worst, Part 1

The first week of February in review. My favorite articles to love and hate. Continue reading

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Century City

After the irritation of schedule ass-hattery had subsided, I sat watching the new scenery drifting by. Chengdu looked absolutely nothing like Beijing. The traffic was unbelievable, with cars, scooters trucks, buses and miscellaneous other contraptions weaving in and around one another Continue reading

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Landing in Sichuan

After almost a week in Beijing, we boarded a plane and flew to Sichuan province, almost 1000 miles to the Southeast. New places, bogus schedules and the start of the most memorable part of our trip. Continue reading

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