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Literature Review: Deborah Fallows’ ‘Dreaming in Chinese’

A review of Deborah Fallows ‘Dreaming in Chinese’. Although it is more academic in nature, language students have much to gain from reading this short work. Continue reading

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Slow Chinese

Studying Chinese without the help of a teacher is no small challenge; I would go so far as to discourage those who really want to make progress from trying to do so on their own, at least in the beginning.  … Continue reading

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I have never enjoyed any undertaking quite as much as I have enjoyed my pursuit of fluency in Mandarin.  It has been a challenge like I never predicted.  I sometimes hear people speak of their passion and how it ‘saved … Continue reading

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The Textbook

A new semester brings about the need to buy a new textbook. Buying a used version, I find that it contains the thoughts and bizarre notes forgotten by the previous owner. Continue reading

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