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Chinese Medicine

I would have killed for some dayquil yesterday.  I left my supply at home, which is foolish, because there is nothing like it available in China, as far as I can tell.  I’m still sick, but feeling better than I … Continue reading

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The Night Train to Shanghai

A last minute decision pulls me onto a night train headed for Shanghai. 13 hours later, I had been schooled in the ways of life on the rails in China. Continue reading

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Jet Lag

I’m surprised that no one has had the wherewithal to turn an airport security check into a script for a porn film.  Enter one side and everyone keeps to themselves, looking clean cut and proper for their flight.   Come out … Continue reading

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10 Things I’ll Miss While in China

I’m headed back to China in a bit more than a month, and despite being very excited, there are some simple things that I will certainly miss. Continue reading

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Lonely Planet Recommended China Books

A recent scan through my copy of Lonely Planet China brought forth some recommended readings. To my horror, the suggest “Mao: The Unknown Story”. This will not stand! Continue reading

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Pictures from the Carnival Cruise and Key West

A number of my favorite pictures from our recent few days spent aboard the Carnival Imagination and a short trip to Key West. Sunrises abound. Continue reading

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The good news is that the president managed to land safely in Miami. The bad news is that he did so shortly before our plane was meant to take off. For those of you that haven’t experienced such a thing, … Continue reading

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Miami Airport

I’m sitting in the Miami airport while writting this, and using prepaid wifi. We just got back from our cruise through the western carribean, and now have several hours to wait until we can board our flight to Atlanta. The … Continue reading

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Chinese University Acceptance Letter

I’ve been accepted to a few different universities in China on several different occasions, and have a stack of old acceptance letters sitting around.  For various reasons, these planned trips simply didn’t pan out.  On some occasions, I applied for … Continue reading

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Literature Review: Mr. China

A review of Tim Clissold’s less well known ‘Mr. China’, a part memoir, part retelling and analysis of his first decade of business in China, starting in the early 90s. Continue reading

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