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Change of Seasons

I’m not going to lie, I have no material to write about, at least not anything pertaining to China.  It is the change of seasons in the Catskills.  Even in these late summer months, some of the trees are already … Continue reading

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The Textbook

A new semester brings about the need to buy a new textbook. Buying a used version, I find that it contains the thoughts and bizarre notes forgotten by the previous owner. Continue reading

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A Web of Voices

The internet in China; More restriction, more talk and nothing has changed. Continue reading

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The Sport of Photography

I have no doubt that Chinese both young and old enjoy taking pictures. Whether they enjoy the act of taking the picture or the product itself is a bit more difficult to decide. Continue reading

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Barnes and Noble

In my quest for Peter Hessler’s newest book, ‘Country Driving’, I find myself in Barnes and Noble. With such huge numbers of published books, I can’t help but wonder how any author is able to get their first work noticed. Continue reading

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The Best and the Worst, Part 2

Alright, I’ll say right off that this one is just about the best.  I wasn’t on my reading A game this week and didn’t get through enough material to find anything that I truly disliked.  Nothing wrong with that!  Here, … Continue reading

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Day one in the Northern Capital

Our first true day out seeing the sights of Beijing. A look back at my first exposure to the legendary Beijing smog, and some thoughts on the overwhelming nature of the sheer size of this city. The intended tourist attractions proved to be far less memorable than the things I saw along the way. Continue reading

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