China Books

Here are some books that I have read (or mostly read) that relate to China, with occasional reviews by myself, or from others.

Mao’s Last revolution
Roderick Macfarquhar, Michael Schoenhals
752 pages, 2008

maos last revolution book Macfarquhar SchoenhalsI’m actually still in the process of reading this one, but as of yet it has been nothing short of amazing.  Going into incredible depth on the full period of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, this provides many details to what stands as one of the darkest times in modern Chinese history.  Though it can be a bit verbose at times, I believe that it will be accessible to most readers of China who have just a small prior knowledge of China during the 20 century.  I am only about a third of the way through, and can only hope the the rest of the book maintains the level of quality that I have found so far.ββββββββββ



Riding the Iron Rooster
Paul Theroux
464 pages, 1988

Riding the Iron Rooster Paul Theroux Travel China I generally enjoyed this piece by Paul Theroux, though at times it has a tendency to drag on.  Spanning more than a year between 1986-1987, this book documents Theroux’s trip through recently opened China.  He travels exclusively by train, and manages to visit a huge portion of China.  It is a good read, though I would not discourage the reader from skipping certain sections, as the description can get very dull. Click here for a more in-depth post on this book

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